Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts Pop Up Gift Shop Edinburgh – a recap!

Hey, remember that time that fire-engines turned up to my first birthday business bash? That was fun, right?

The dust – or rather the glitter – has now settled on the Ladykerry birthday pop up gift shop. Time for a little recap!

One thing is for sure – I have amazingly supportive friends and family! So many of you came along to help me celebrate and it was truly overwhelming. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! The day was also shared with National Unicorn Day – which was fantastically timely, as one of the new things launched at my pop up was the Macaroonicorn unicorn pin.

Cute glittery unicorn pin by Ladykerry




Party bags were given to the first 25 customers – because who doesn’t love a party bag? They each contained a silly joke (written by yours truly. Sorrynotsorry), a Ladykerry badge and stickers, a balloon, a party blower plus some sweets. They seemed to go down well. There was even a last minute dash to the bank from one of the party goers, to make sure she got back in time to grab a party bag. That’s true dedication.

Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts pop up gift shop party bag



Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake. My talented friend Jessie, of the amazing Jessie’s Magic Oven, made a whole CAKE TABLE for the occasion. There were cupcakes, cookies and of course an amazing centrepiece – a mermaid birthday cake. Everything tasted so good. And I don’t know how Jessie guessed, but the cookies tasted an awful lot like danish butter biscuits. Which just so happen to be my FAVOURITE BISCUITS EVER (with bourbon biscuits a close second).

Ladykerry design cake, cupcakes and cookies by Jessie's Magic Oven



I launched loads of new things at the Ladykerry pop up. Unicorns and dinosaurs were a big part of the day – including a new unicorn pin, unicorn colouring book, unicorn and dinosaur sticker sheets.

Quirky gifts by Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts

Plus, of course, let’s not forget the star of the day – the Edinburger pin badge! You can read about the inspiration behind the Edinburger enamel pin on one of my earlier blog posts. As part of the Ladykerry birthday pop up, £1 from each Edinburger sale was donated to Social Bite. You helped raise £30! Yay!



Towards the end of the party, the time had come.

I had to cut the cake.

Not only did it feel wrong to cut into such a work of art, but I am also truly terrible at cutting cake.

As I faced my fears, armed only with a barely sharp knife, the fire alarm went off. I was just a few slices in when I was saved by the (alarm) bell. Before you ask, no there wasn’t candles on the cake. Rumour has it one of the neighbouring buildings set the alarm off.  was one of the neighbouring buildings that set it off. I like to think that they just couldn’t handle my poor cake cutting.

Honestly, once I knew that there wasn’t a fire, I was pretty glad of the fire alarm! It meant I could escape from my cake cutting duties, and there was a little bit of birthday drama. What’s a good birthday party without some drama?

Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts pop up



What? You weren’t invited to the after party? NEITHER WAS I.

There wasn’t one!

I’d had such a fun time chatting to everyone that I was truly exhausted. As was my partner, Grant, who’d done an amazing job handling all the sales. So we just went home and fell asleep. We didn’t even finish the leftover wine. (Which, by the way, you guys left! How polite are you, not even finishing all the free wine?).

I’ll leave this how I started it – by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey to date. I genuinely couldn’t do it without you.