A little about Ladykerry...

Hi! I’m Kerry - I create puntastic, pattern-filled, cute & kitsch gifts.

Isn’t it THE BEST feeling when you find the perfect gift for someone, or something cool for yourself? We’re all different – I love to reflect varied personalities in my work, creating quirky and relateable products.

All my designs are hand-drawn, then I scan and digitally tweak – so they’re ready to be applied to lots of fun products. I work with various manufacturers across the UK to apply my designs to high quality products.

My favourite products to design include enamel pins, stickers, giclee art prints and greetings cards. See my etsy store for the full range. I LOVE unicorns, mermaids, fairies, dinosaurs and sugarskulls. And, of course, puns.

I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland – look out for my upcoming events if you want to meet me in person!

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