Ladykerry at the West End Fair Edinburgh

Time for a long overdue catch up – I’m currently prepping for the West End Fair, Edinburgh. And I’m so excited!

The fair runs the full length of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and features over 100 talented makers (some there for the full time, some for shorter stints like me). There’s an array of amazing gifts and goodies to buy – anything from original art to exquisite jewellery, to ceramics and textiles. Oh, and I’ll be bringing an armful of my new Edinburger tote bags, plus all the sassy pin badges and fun cards.

Here’s a photo of just a few of those things. Plus, I’ll have a pin picker on display – just in case you’re having a tricky time deciding. Although, obviously the classic Edinburger pin badge is the perfect souvenir, if you’re just visiting!

You’ll find me in the Westbank Marquee, 20-23 August. I’ll be there 11am-6pm each day, hurray! The West End Fair is just at the bottom of Lothian Road, next to St John’s Church. You really can’t miss it.

Oh, and for all Edinburger pin / Edinburger tote owners, I’m running a little photography competition. Entries are via Instagram only, and full details can be found here. In a nutshell though, I’d love you all the share the #edinburgerlove with me!