New SUPER CUTE unicorn pin – introducing the Macaroonicorn !

Introducing a new cute pin to you – the Macaroonicorn unicorn pin!

NOT ONLY did I celebrate a year of Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts yesterday, but it was also National Unicorn Day. I held a pop up shop to mark the occasion and launched this unicorn enamel pin as an extra surprise.

Cute unicorn pin by Ladykerry

More on the Ladykerry pop up shop, and the absolute awesomeness of all of you that made it along, later this week. I just thought I’d give this little cutie some limelight first! After all, it was National Unicorn Day yesterday.



MACAROONICORN PIN (macaroon meets unicorn!)

A lot of you have asked – why a Macaroon unicorn pin combo?

Well, this little cutie is actually part of a larger series of unicorn illustrations I worked on. Aside from a few small sneak peeks, I kept the unicorn project a secret until the day of my pop up. Some of the other fun unicorn wordplay and designs I came up with include lunacorn, zoomicorn and boomicorn. Can you guess what they all look like?

While working on the unicorns, the sweet macaroon design stole my heart. So, I decided to make it into my next cute pin. I know most of you are fans of macaroons – well, technically macarons, but what’s an extra o between friends? Combining fun food trends with the magical goodness of a unicorn was just too irresistible to resist.

There’s GLITTER in the unicorn design to make it even more magical and fun, with beautiful shades of blue and purple. I’m so pleased with the final result – this cute unicorn pin looks almost good enough to eat. Although eating it is definitely not recommended – it’s probably best you just show it off on your dinner jacket.

Cool unicorn pin by Ladykerry

Unicorns may have a whole day dedicated to them but I think they deserve a lot more – don’t you? How do you show your love of unicorns?