Introducing Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts

Ladykerry, Kerry Stewart wearing a dinosaur dress

Hi! I’m Kerry, otherwise known as Ladykerry. I’m an illustrator / designer based in Edinburgh. This is my first blog post on this site and replaces my older blog over at There is still some good stuff on that blog (and, let’s face it, a lot more than there is on this blog right now) so be sure to check it out!


As this is a fresh start, a little background is in order. In a previous life, I was a Graphic Designer and worked as one for over 10 years. I’ve always had an avid interest in puns, patterns, and generally just doodling so would come up with quirky illustrations in my spare time. In 2016, life threw some obstacles in the way of my Graphic Design career. But when life throws you obstacles – what do you do? You climb them, or jump over them, or (most likely in my case) do a faceplant but get back up and try again.

It was a chance for me to combine my love of puns and doodles with my graphic design skills and use them for the forces of evil… I mean, good. I’d always enjoyed making quirky cards and unusual gifts for people, so it seemed a natural progression to be able to bring my unique illustrations to a wider audience and launch Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts.


So you already know I like puns. I also love surface design, kitsch, cute and quirky things. I’m fascinated with modern slang, and how certain words become commonplace. I love playing around with words and seeing where that will take me… emojis and emoticons entertain me for hours. I hated them at first but I’ve grown to love the way you can define a whole conversation with a tiny little smiley face. Or sad face. Or awkward face. (Insert appropriate face here).

Characters and the fantastical play a big part in my work too. So expect to see unicorns, dinosaurs, fairies and mermaids. You know, the usual.


I hand-draw all of my work, then scan and digitally colour. I love the quirky feel that hand-drawn illustrations have – they give that extra element of personality and fun. Here’s a very quick introduction to some of my drawing processes – in this I’m drawing a new tyrannosaurus rex character ‘Tyrunnersaurus Rex’.

My product range is constantly evolving and changing… currently I offer stickers, cards, tote bags, mugs, art prints, original art. And enamel pins. I absolutely love enamel pins and have about a zillion (or 15) ideas in the pipeline, so watch this space for new developments.

Is that enough talking about me? I think so. I want to know more about you… feel free to find me / stalk me / judge me on social media. (Actually don’t do the last one. At least not out loud).

Here’s all the links… twitter (I suck at twitter), facebook (not too bad), instagram (where it’s at).

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