Palentine’s Day Cards

Are you celebrating Palentine’s Day this year?

Not got a clue what I’m on about?

Palentine’s Day is an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Kind of like the super cool Galentine’s Day, but it’s for ALL your friends. So friends equals pals equals Palentine’s Day. Whoop!

It’s a simple concept but super sweet. Basically, Valentine’s Day can be a bit rubbish. It can cause upset and loneliness for people. Or, equally, can cause pressure to spend lots of money in a show of romance for one day of the year. It’s time to reclaim celebrating all love – and whatever love is to you.

Palentine’s is all about love in its many forms. Love is love, afterall. So take the time to show people in your life how much they mean to you . That doesn’t need to be in the form of a bouquet of (ahem, overpriced) roses, or a card.

But – hey! – if you do want to send a card, I’ve designed some Palentine’s friendly ones! They can all be found over on my Thortful page. To keep costs down (afterall, we are trying to fight the commercialism of Valentine’s Day) you can get a 30% discount of Thortful by using this link. Happy days!



It’d be rude not to give you an overview of the fun Palentine’s cards I’ve designed for you.

Sloth Palentine’s card

Ah, sloths. Aren’t they super adorable? And who wouldn’t love to hang around with their friend all day?

This sloth card is perfect for sending to that special someone that you love to spend time with. I absolutely love drawing sloth faces – I like giving them a chilled, but still slightly cheeky, expression. I chose bright colours for the message to make this sloth card super quirky and vibrant. You can pick up this cute sloth card here.

Sloth Palentines card by Ladykerry


Nothing says friendship like Grease lyrics, right? Do you have a llama-loving, Grease appreciating buddy that deserves this card? Someone that has your back and is always there for you (hang on – now I’m venturing into Friends lyrics. Oops).

Whatever your pop-culture poison, a special person is sure to appreciate this fun llama card. It features a pair of quirky llama with the message “we go together like rama” preceding them. In case you’re not blessed with in depth Grease lyrics knowledge, this card is paying homage to the song lyrics “we go together like rama lama lama…”. Again, I’ve gone for some bright colours to make it extra quirky. This fun Grease meets Llamas card is available here.

llama Palentine's card by Ladykerry


Ice cream Palentine’s card

Friends are cool. Show them some love with this ice cream Palentine’s card. Featuring a pair of adorable ice cream characters in quirky pastel colouring. You can get your ice cream card fix here.

Ice cream palentines card by Ladykerry


The wild card!

Okay… I know. This one isn’t strictly Palentine’s. But it’s not quite Valentine’s either. It’s VILLAINTINE’S! Yup, we all have that one slightly wicked friend don’t we? Well, this card is perfect for sending to that one person that brings out the naughty side in you. Be that your best friend, a fun family member, or your other half!
Unleash your wicked side here.


Alternative Valentine's card by Ladykerry



So. Are you convinced? Will you be celebrating Palentine’s day this year?