NEW unusual wedding cards for bride and groom

My ‘Holy Catrimony’ cat wedding card has proved super pawpular – so I’ve now added three more unusual wedding cards to my collection!

Cute and punny cat wedding congratulations card

There are three new cool wedding cards in total, each with a different source of inspiration. The wedding card collection has been printed on recycled stock, giving a lovely slight fleck and texture to the print… so every card truly is unique!


Let’s start with the Scottish wedding card. Confession: it was my boyfriend’s idea to design this pigeon wedding card. This cool bird wedding card features a pair of cute pigeons, with the phrase ‘AYE DOO’.

‘Doo’ is old Scottish slang for pigeon / dove. Somehow, in my 18 years of living in Scotland, I’d never come across this before. That’s something I love about language and slang – it’s always evolving, and there are always new words to learn (even if they’re ‘old’ new words!).

‘Aye’ is Scottish for ‘yes’. But it’s pronounced like ‘I’ so works as a doubly affirmative ‘I do’.

Of course, this is a Scottish inspired wedding card. And everyone loves a bit of tartan. So I added a touch of tartan in a heart just above the pigeons.

Everyone loves a card with a bird on it… so how about a pigeon version? Do you know a quirky bride and groom who’d adore this Scottish wedding card?

Scottish wedding card - pigeon pun



Did someone say unicorn? It seems the whole world has gone unicorn crazy. So I designed a unicorn wedding card for a magical bride and groom.

If you follow my work then you’ll know I love a pun – so this is no ordinary unicorn wedding card.

Where do unicorns go after they’ve been married? On honeymoonicorn, of course! The full message on the front of the card reads ‘Have a magical wedding and a happy honeymoonicorn’.

I hand-drew the cute unicorn characters and message, then digitally coloured. The card features soft, muted colours complimenting the slight grain in the recycled paper. It has a truly gentle and magical feel.



The final of my current wedding card designs – wow you took the vow!

This is an edgy, modern and fun wedding card for a cool bride and groom. I came up with a simple, yet sweet, rhyme, ‘WOW you took the VOW’ – I just love the way the letters in wow and vow almost mirror each other. In the background are some bold shapes, loosely mimicking confetti. I chose vibrant, celebratory colours that pop against the recycled card background.

Cool font wedding card by Ladykerry


Each of my quirky wedding cards are blank inside – so the customer can write their own tailored wedding message! They are also supplied with a kraft envelope, adding to the quirky feel. No plain white envelopes here.

These unusual wedding cards all measure 148mm x 148mm – so are a nice, large square size. They’re available from both my Not On The High Street store and my Etsy store.

Have you got a cool engaged couple in mind who’d love one of these cool wedding cards? Then get to one of my stores now!