New, cool enamel pin designs – a gin enamel pin and a cute pin

So excited! New enamel pins have arrived – my gin enamel pin and head in the clouds pin. I was a bit late to the pingame, discovering them only last year. Since then I’ve never looked back – both in buying them and designing them. I just love thinking of new quirky pin designs!

head in the clouds enamel pin and gin pin

For me, pins are all about expressing individuality. I love that they’re small pieces of wearable personality. Enamel pins can be tiny messages of positivity, a little piece of art, a design that makes you laugh, or just something super cute. A pin can be so small that other people don’t notice it – but you know it’s there, and it can bring you that extra uniqueness you need for the day.

As a result of their individual nature, enamel pins make the perfect personal and small gift. There are pins for gin lovers , cat lovers, mermaid lovers, pins to give people a positive boost, pins to make people laugh. Halloween pins, Christmas pins, Easter pins. There really is a pin for everyone, and everything. You can’t go wrong with this quirky gift.

Cool gin enamel pin

Using my gintuition – gin enamel pin

Firstly, let’s look at the inspiration (or should I say ginspiration) behind my gin pin… I am a massive gin fan. Growing up watching my grandad enjoy a gin or two with his friends resulted in a fascination for the perfumed, clear, fizzy liquid. I couldn’t wait to taste it (once of legal age, of course. Well, pretty much).

Gin is enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity. It felt natural for me to combine my adoration of gin with my obsession for puns and create a gincredible and super cool pin for gin lovers. Gintuition was just the first punny word that popped to my mind! Personally, I feel I get an extra boost of confidence when drinking gin – yeah, everything may look a little fuzzier around the edges but I sure feel like I’m thinking clearer. Maybe you could say I used my gintuition to come up with this quirky gin enamel pin.

The design, like all my work, was initially hand-drawn then scanned and digitally coloured. I chose to make this gin pin in soft enamel to really highlight the quirky hand-drawn lines. Of course, glitter makes everything more fun so I added some glitter to the gin part of this cool pin. It gives it that extra ‘gin ne sais quoi‘, don’t you think? (Sorry, I’ll probably stop the gin puns now. Probably.)

It’s such a quirky pin and makes the perfect gift for gin lovers, or for fans of quirky alcohol gifts in general. Is this gin pin on your wishlist?


Cute rainbow and cloud pinHEAD IN THE CLOUDS – CLOUD AND RAINBOW enamel pin

This cute pin is for the day dreamers, the whimsical and the rainbow enthusiasts.

Daydreaming is a favourite past-time of mine, and while my head is in the clouds I want to wear my heart on my sleeve (or jacket. Or bag. Or any of the other places an enamel pin can go).

Much like the gintuition pin, I chose soft enamel to emphasise the distinct, hand-drawn lines. This cute enamel pin design features white clouds with gold plating and fun pops of red, yellow, and light purple. I wanted this to be a really fun enamel pin, with a sense of wonder and quirkiness. In the next few weeks (or months – being a daydreamer, timing isn’t always my strong point) I’m going to write a blog about the design process I used for this head in the clouds pin.

This pin makes a cute small gift that will bring joy to anyone. Never keep your head out of the clouds, and never stop daydreaming.


So what do you think? Do either of these pins suit your personality or make that perfect small gift for a special someone? What would you choose – the quirky gin pin, or the whimsical and cute ‘head in the clouds’ pin? Personally, I’d go for both!

My Ladykerry pin collection is always growing. So if neither of these pins are for you, then take a look at my full cool enamel pin collection to find that one quirky pin you can relate to. Finally, my love affair with designing enamel pins is far from over… so that perfect pin for you may be just around the corner.