Ladykerry designs entered to Ohh Deer Cushion Competition

Hands up who loves Ohh Deer? I’ve been a mega fan for years.

Occasionally, Ohh Deer run a design competition. And as much as I love it as a customer, I would freakin’ eat my hat at the chance of being a contributor on their site. Luckily, I don’t need to eat my hat (this time) as they’re running a cushion competition.

The star prize is actually cash but there is also the opportunity to become a contributor (fingers, toes, eyes crossed). At the time of writing, there are over 500 entries. So if you could help this girl out and vote for my Ladykerry designs, I’ll be forever grateful. Feel free to write a comment, or follow me on social media, and let me know you’ve voted!

I’ve not created any new designs specifically for this but rather chosen designs that I think make great eye candy for a couch. Of course, I also looked to you guys for some advice over on my Facebook page – to check that the potential designs were loved as much as you as they are by me! Actually I have to confess that initially I only asked you to choose one design but then found out I can submit up to FIVE designs. Ermahgerd!


Good times – so we have dinosaurs, taco, pizza and a unicorn. Seriously – what more could you want on your couch?


This probably just pips it for my favourite. Although my designs are like my children, so I really shouldn’t have a favourite. But if I did, well… it would be taco. In cushion form, anyway.

Taco no shit was originally drawn for my weekly ‘Punday’ illustration but will absolutely be made into some sort of Ladykerry gift, someday. And guess what… I will soon own it as a cushion! Yup, I bought my own design as a cushion. What – I didn’t tell you that the cushions are available to buy? More on that later (skip to the end if you want to know NOW!).

Tyrannoflorals rex

Flowers and dinosaurs. Enough said.

This cushion has got T-REX appeal! Just imagine stroking this fierce floral cushion on your couch. It’s what dreams are made of, right?

Tyrannoflorals Rex started off life as a fabric design – so, really, it’s an ideal choice to be made into a cushion! It also hold the title for one of my favourite puns I’ve ever come up with. Ever.


Awww, it’s everyone’s favourite positive unicorn. Seriously – all my pin badges for this design have now sold out, and the cards and prints are super popular. So I thought I would the ‘Believe in yourself’ unicorn design would be a perfect cushion for dreams and snuggles.


This is one for the hipsters out there! And the dinosaur lovers. A Diplodocus sporting a ‘tasche, cool glasses and a top knot. Suits you, sir.


Picture the scene. You’re lazing on your couch, you’re too full to move. You’ve just eaten FAR TOO MUCH PIZZA and you’re snuggling up on your fave cushion, Pizzurgh. Ah! The irony! (I mean, is that ironic? someone better check with Alanis Morissette.)

This was another ‘Punday’ illustration. I drew it because I’m not actually a massive fun of pizza (shock, horror). But also because sometimes you just eat too much pizza (see above). And thirdly, I have a lot of lactose intolerant friends – so I thought it would resonate with them. Pretty deep for a pizza illustration, right? Deep pizza…get it? Sorry. I will totally stop now.


Aw, thank you for asking! Head over to my profile page on Ohh Deer to vote and click on each individual design. You need to register an account with Ohh Deer to vote but I imagine most of you already have an account, because it’s full of super cool stuff. If you don’t have an account then you have been missing out! I hope, one day, to also supply some of the cool things you can buy on Ohh Deer. Voting for my designs will help me get one step closer to that dream!

Do you know what? My dream has actually come (temporarily) true. For the duration of the competition you can actually buy the designs that have been submitted. Awesome news! They’re a little pricey but apparently they are super lush and soft… they’re faux suede and are vegan friendly. I’ve treated myself to a Taco No Shit cushion, so I’ll give an update on how AMAZING it is once it arrives!


The competition ends 20 november 2017 – so if you’re reading this blog article after this date, the voting link won’t work any more. Sad times. If only you had an awesome cushion to snuggle up to cheer you up…