Ladykerry pop up gift shop Edinburgh… favourite cool gifts so far

I can’t believe there’s less than a week until the Ladykerry pop up gift shop. Which also marks a year of making cool gifts and cards. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

Ever wondered which designs are my favourite? It seems a good time to recap on some of my most loved designs and cool gifts. I’ve restricted it to a lucky seven choices.


mermaid colouring book

This was one of my first designs. If you love puns and you love mermaids, then this is the Ladykerry gift for you!

It was so much fun coming up with puns and illustrations for this project… featuring fishy classics such as ‘sometimes I feel so shy I just clam up‘ and ‘I’m shellshocked‘. Mermaids, and all things nautical, lend themselves really well to wordplay and are one of my favourite subjects to come up with ideas for.

This isn’t an average colouring book – think less colouring for meditative purposes and more colouring for entertainment . Then you get the idea. Packed full of fun, puns and fins… it’s perfect for a sassy colouring in fan. And you definitely don’t need to colour inside the lines. There’s no plaice for judgment here (sorry, I just had to squeeze in a fishy pun).


Punny fairy art with trolls

I grew up in the 90s, when trolls were at the peak of their popularity. Love those fluffy haired creatures.

Nowadays, trolls have a much more negative reputation – so I had a little play with the change in meaning, mixing modern with retro. Are your friends all trolls? I’m pretty sure my troll friends are all sitting in my parent’s attic, having one almighty tea party with my Polly Pockets. Maybe one day I’ll go rummaging for them. Until then, I’ll have to make do with this fairy illustration.

Do you have any favourite retro toys?


I like puns.

I like cards.

I like dinosaurs.

This one was an easy one. I have a few different dinosaur card designs, but this one wins it for me on pure silliness. This dinosaur card is suitable for all sorts of celebratory occasions – new job, new home, dinosaur birthday card, engagement. Basically, anything that could involve a party.


Ladykerry radge badge

If it’s acceptable to have a ‘classic’ after only a year in business, then the radge badge is the Ladykerry classic.

A household favourite overnight, I wasn’t quite prepared for the love you’ve all given to this cute tartan badge.

Radge is a Scottish slang word (mainly in Edinburgh) that, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a term implying someone is a wild, crazy, or violent person (1). But there’s a new radge in town and it’s shaken off those negative connotations. It’s your loveable and slightly mad best friend, it’s that unexpectedly AMAZING party you went to last night. It’s that quirky new novel you just read. Basically, it’s a term of endearment and it’s crazy, but in a positive way.


Cool enamel pin, glitter enamel pin, sassy gift

If the radge badge is a classic, then this cheeky enamel pin is a statement piece.

Yes, it’s my most risqué design. But it’s also a Ladykerry bestseller! It’s no secret that I love the empowerment and fun a pin can give the wearer. This cool pin packs a punch of power, sass and positivity – and a lot of purple glitter.

And you guys just love this pin! I’ve sent it all over the world. It’s been bought by friends for friends. By mums for daughters. Daughters buying for mums. Boyfriends buying for their girlfriends. It’s even been bought by some kids (with open minded parents). Everyone has magic inside of them, and this little glittery pin is a welcome reminder of that.


Punny Christmas Card by Ladykerry Illustrated Gifts

Yes, it’s so last season. (At time of writing which is April 2017).

 But this punny Christmas card features one of my all time favourite puns I’ve ever come up with. Like, ever. It makes me laugh every time I see it. It makes other people laugh. And you know what they say about Christmas – ’tis the season to be jolly.


Creepy cute zombie girl art by Ladykerry

Since we just finished Christmas, I thought we would move on to Halloween.

I designed a collection of 6 creepy cute gals last year but this zombie girl is my favourite. Cute brains? Check. Sassy zombie girl? Check. KILLER STRAPLINE? Check.

This design has also paved the way for a brand new, cool enamel pin design I’ll be launching closer to Halloween this year. I adore working on creepy cute designs!



Ladykerry Birthday Pop Up Gift Shop

So, that’s my seven chosen.

Check out more of my designs and cool gifts over on my etsy page. Better still, if you’re in Edinburgh on Sunday 9th April then come along to the pop up. I’m launching lots of new, exciting gifts and you’ll be the first to see them. You can tell me in person which Ladykerry gifts are your favourite. And maybe even call the pop up radge. I’d like that.

(1) Radge definition –