Introducing the Ladykerry Christmas card range

Confession, I thought I had already introduced my 2017 Christmas card range. Apparently not!

We’re a few days into November now so it’s totally acceptable for me to talk about them, right? They’ve been proving popular in the Ladykerry¬†Etsy and NOTHS stores so I figure it’s ok.

Here are all 7 of my designs (with a close up on a couple of them). There’s dinosaurs, gingerbread people, a unicorn, booze and plenty of puns. What more do you want for Christmas?


This is my second year of producing professional Christmas cards. I found it just as tricky this year to whittle my potential designs down to the final 7 you see above! Of course, I had some help from you guys over on my social media – after all, I love to design for your enjoyment!


No Christmas card range is complete without a super sweet one! This gingerbread couple Christmas card is super adorable and ideal for a card for boyfriend, card for girlfriend, husband or wife.

The message on the front reads “Have a sweet Christmas“, meaning this romantic Christmas card can be sent to a special couple! We’re only in the early days of November but it’s been one of my bestsellers.


I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I fall into fits of uncontrollable giggles while drawing my illustrations. This funny dinosaur card certainly set the giggles off while designing it. And to be honest, I can’t look at it with a straight face now it’s been printed either.

This awesome dinosaur Christmas card features Santa’s favourite ‘little’ helper – Tywrapasaurus Rex. Anyone with a great sense of humour is sure to appreciate this quirky Christmas card.


By now, you should realise I like dinosaurs. I mean, what says Christmas more than a T-Rex in a Santa suit? I’ve even had a friend describe this card as sexy. I’m not quite sure where she’s coming from but, hey, if that means it’s the perfect card to send to your significant other then go for it. Also makes a great card for friends, neighbours and that resident dinosaur lover you know.

It features a somewhat spiffing Tyrannosaurus Rex illustration with hand-lettering saying ‘Tysantasaurus Rex’. It’s pretty damn roarsome.


You believe in unicorns, right? So you definitely believe in Santa!

This unicorn Christmas card is quite possibly the cutest Christmas card I’ve ever designed. Like, ever. Featuring an adorable unicorn surrounded by a Christmas tree and presents, with the Christmas message ‘I believe in Santa’.

This sweet unicorn Christmas card is perfect for unicorn lovers anywhere. And quite frankly, just anyone with a heart. I dare you to look at this card and not have your heart melt.


Did you guys know I LOVE gin? You do now! And I’m pretty sure half the world loves gin right now too. So isn’t it lucky that I’ve designed a fun gin Christmas card?

This one is for all the gin lovers, obviously. It features a print of my quirky hand-lettering, with the message “GINGLE BELLS”. It also has a lovely sprinkling of stars. Here’s a not so interesting fact – I actually sketched this idea last December while on a train. Before you ask, yes I had been drinking gin.


One of the gingerbread people on this card is having a worse day than you. I know, I’m a cruel creator. But isn’t this funny gingerbread Christmas card still adorable? I promise, no gingerbreads were hurt in the making of this card.

Making a fantastically funny Christmas card to send, the design features 3 cute gingerbread people. One of them has had a small accident. It’s all brought together by a quirky message “Ho Ho Oh”.


We finish the round up of the Ladykerry Christmas cards with a bang! Well, an imaginary pop of a prosecco cork anyway. Close enough.

This prosecco Christmas card is sure to put the fizz in festfizz. What!? That’s not a word, sorry. Just try and say ‘festive’ normally now though.

This fun Christmas card features a print of my hand-lettered message, ‘ProseccHo-Ho-Ho’. The background is a dusky blue with polka-dot detailing (loosely indicative of snow). It makes the perfect Christmas card to send to your prosecco loving posse!


So there we have it! My Christmas cards 2017 range. I can’t wait to work on the 2018 range, although I definitely need to restrict the number of designs.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite?