Funny Valentine’s day card for taco lovers

Do you love tacos?

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of them (you just need to check out my taco enamel pin badge for evidence). Valentine’s day though – not so much. But I know some of you love sending Valentine’s cards, so I thought I would oblige with a design – keeping it quirky, of course.

Lucky for you all, I’m not out of my taco phase yet. And most likely never will be (how could I turn my back on such a scrumptious snack?). So, I made a TACO VALENTINE’S CARD! Does it get much better? Why, of course it does! I haven’t specifically added “Valentine’s Day” on the card, so that you can send it any damn day of the year. Want to send it on Valentine’s Day? There’s no stopping you. Want to send it on a random Tuesday (taco Tuesday, obviously) – of course you can! Any day you want to show your love, this card is sitting waiting for you to send it. Just make sure you remember a stamp.

Taco Valentines card by Ladykerry


Like pretty much all of my designs, I hand-drew the original taco illustration. I then scanned my illustration and digitally coloured – including adding a little blush to each of the tacos’ cheeks. Such cuteness. I came up with a few different taco love puns but settled on ‘taco, tac another little piece of my heart’. The background is a pale blue, so the taco illustration really pops out.

Cute taco card by Ladykerry



Do you have someone in mind to send this cute taco card to? You can pick one up here. Not your thing? I’ve actually also been working on my Palentine’s Day concept from last year. Not familiar with it? It’s a bit like Galentine’s, but instead of just being for all your gal friends it’s for all your friends. I like to be inclusive.  I’ll be blogging about my Palentine’s Day designs in the next week or so, but in the meantime you can check out my designs over on my Thortful page.